The Dream Balloon

2021 | Children’s Novel

A long time ago, in a country far away, no one was able to dream! It was as if one fine day, all their dreams just disappeared! Everyone was perplexed and wondered what happened… After much effort it was discovered that the dreams had been taken away by a giant! To get back their lost dreams, someone had to go to the giant’s fort on the hilltop, and bring the dreams back! Would they be successful in their mission? ‘The Dream Balloon’ is the story of a young boy named Rajakumaran, and his exciting journey, as he sets out to reclaim the dreams of his younger brother Kannan and the rest of his countrymen. A tale of magical lands and talking animals that makes the imagination of children soar like balloons in the sky…

Manam: The Chronicle of a Masturbator

2022 | Novel

A journey into the depths of the male psyche. A novel that presents innovations in theme and narrative.

Puthiya Marubhoomikal

2023 | Novel

This is the story of a person who comes as a site engineer to a new construction project at a place on the outskirts of Bangalore city. Many aspects of life are slowly revealed through the various types of people he meets there. Even among them, the loneliness he faces every day becomes his best friend and worst enemy. Some new experiences await, but can anyone ever escape the wilderness that rushes into mind and body through the city’s cover?